The word Nigmar means "It is finished". The emphases of this title is on the setbacks in the life of an individaul or a family that comes to an end after undergoing an upliftment program at Nigmar.


Nigmar is a registered Non Profit Organization and was established on the 1st of May 2003 with a primary goal of providing support and upliftment to those who suffered a temporary setback in life. Nigmar house is a place of safety that strives for the protection and building up of it's residence.


We strive to care for, train and equip individuals and couples for successful integration back into society based on time-and-training program. This is not a shelter, but an active training and equipment center to help people return to society as soon as possible.


Members are given an initial 3 month period in which certain goals have to be reached and training programs completed that will enable them to again care for themselves and their families.